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Independent Reiki Practitioner

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Bianca Navarrete is a certified Reiki Practitioner who has developed a passion in helping others to find their universal energy by removing physical and emotional blockages through energy healing. Bianca is driven to help assist others heal while discovering their unique creative light through alternative holistic approaches.

Growing up expressing herself through creative endeavors, Bianca has embraced her divine talents while healing generational trauma within her lineage. Although her focus is on Reiki energy healing, Bianca’s work more broadly applies to utilizing many different healing modalities to help hold space for those looking to restore and release stress, anxiety, and trauma.

Bianca completed her bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences and has worked in healthcare for 10+ years. Bianca has assisted in providing care for various patient populations and understands the importance of integrating conventional health services with holistic approaches. A significant part of her life has been influenced by innovative modalities integrating therapies to provide patient-centered care.

Through Bianca’s personal journey, she shares her healing practices on social audio platforms with motivational speakers and mentors form all over the world. Learning from others, with a variety of disciplines understanding that together as a collective we can integrate universal healing. Bianca is a seeker, intuitive empath who enjoys harnessing sacred universal energy expressing it through love, light, truth, and compassion.

Bianca lives in Portland with her bunny, enjoys grounding herself in the vibrant forests of Oregon. Bianca spends her time hiking in the beautiful landscapes that surrounds local towns. Aside from her creative aspirations, Bianca plans to collaborate with community organizations to provide culturally- relevant services to populations with evolving needs.


  • Initial Reiki Healing Assessment (In person) - 90 min appointment $255
    • Includes Chakra Energetic Scan Analysis, Aura Clearing, Crystal Therapy, Essential oils and Sound Therapy
  • Reiki Healing (In person or Virtual session) - 50 min appointment $155
    • Includes Chakra Energetic Scan Analysis and Sound Therapy
  • Reiki Grounding (Virtual session) - 30 min appointment $95
    • Includes Reiki Grounding Technique utilizing Reiki Energy

Bianca offers personalized recommendations after the initial assessment and will partner with you to create the best treatment plan to best meet your needs.

What is Reiki?

Reiki (Ray-Kee) is a safe, gentle, Japanese technique used to reduce a wide range of stress related issues including emotional and physical related conditions. Combined with energy healing modalities, Reiki treatment promotes symptom relief to improve overall health well-being integrated with conventional therapies.

Reiki Benefits:

  • Helps in stress reduction to promote relaxation
  • Increases mobility
  • Eases muscle tension
  • Promotes balance in chronic and acute conditions related to stress
  • Increases healing of inflammations and physical discomfort
  • Empowers emotional growth
  • Complements physical and emotional trauma therapy
  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Beneficial for all ages

During a Reiki Session:

Everyone experiences reiki in different ways, individuals often experience a feeling of relaxation and a sense of peace. You may also notice physical sensations of warmth and tingling throughout your body.

Each session starts by laying down fully clothed on a massage table, covered in a blanket if requested listening to soothing music. The Reiki practitioner will position their hands six inches away from the body areas that are being focused on, utilizing a series of hand positions to deliver Reiki energy. The Reiki treatment generally covers first your head then the front of your body and finally, the back of your body.

How many sessions will I need?

As with any physical, or emotional challenges, chronic issues tend to require longer reoccurring sessions to help ease the healing process. Bianca offers personalized recommendations after the initial assessment and will partner with you to create the best treatment plan to best meet your needs.

In addition to Energy Healing, Bianca’s Reiki Sessions include the following:

  • Energetic body scan
  • Chakra blockage clearing
  • Aura clearing with sage and palo santo
  • Essential oils
  • Crystal therapy
  • Singing bowl (sound therapy)