Relationship & Couple’s Counseling

Relationship & Couple’s CounselingRelationships can be nurturing and life-giving. They can offer deep and meaningful connection and be a solid foundation for living and growing in life. However, relationships inevitably experience ups and downs as conflicts arise which must be navigated. Conflict can be overwhelming, but can also be an opportunity for growth. Our couple’s therapist will work with you and your partner to navigate conflicts and issues that arise in your relationship in order to move towards deeper connection and healing in accordance with your unique goals and vision for your relationship.

MindTree has skilled therapists trained in couples counseling that will work with you to meet your goals based on your values, cultural background, and beliefs. Couples counseling techniques and interventions at MindTree are inclusive and we welcome all relationship styles and histories.

Issues addressed in couples counseling include, but are not limited to:

-High Conflict
-Divorce or Separation
-Physical intimacy and sex
-Emotional closeness
-Trauma and PTSD (one or both partners)
-Parenting or Coparenting

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