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Our Vision : To contribute physical health and mental well being for children and families.

MindTree treats the person as a whole, by integrating the healing of mind and body. We believe in the philosophy that mind and body do not operate separately, rather interdependently. You can gain greater physical health and mental well being when the mind and body are connected.

At MindTree we have a team of independent providers who create holistic treatments that addresses your physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. A multi – disciplinary approach is implemented which includes but not limited to Counseling, Yoga, Energy healing, Ayurveda, Lifestyle, Nutrition and other wellness services into your treatments.

Located in Portland Oregon, MindTree Holistic Counseling & Wellness center offers marriage & couples counselingchild/teenfamily therapy, & individual therapy (men & women). To accommodate busy schedules, online counseling is offered through confidential video platforms to residents of Oregon. Wellness services like New Life Reiki healing, Ayurvedic consultation are provided in conjunction with psychotherapy.

To accommodate busy families, MindTree’s providers also offer after school and weekend appointments.

Mind Tree would love to work with you every step of the way to become a better, happier, more fulfilled you It’s never too late to change and start living the life you’ve always wanted. Call 503-766-4895 or email info@mindtreeholisticcounseling.com to schedule your first appointment today!

If you are a mental health clinician (Licensed or Registered Intern) or a Holistic Health Care Provider and would like to join our team in a collaborative atmosphere contact us for more details.


About the Founder, Harini Sukumaran


Harini Sukumaran is a Qualified Mental health professional trained in Child and Family Counseling and a certified Ayurvedic Physician. She is passionate about helping children of all ages ( 3+ yrs) holistically to become less stressed by giving them and their parents tools, support and encouragement. Her specialization also includes helping Women suffering from trauma, PTSD depression, anxiety and Pregnancy/Postpartum mood disorders. Harini’s passion for holistic treatment of Mind and Body motivated her to create MindTree, a Holistic Counseling & Wellness Center to help womenchildren and families in Portland, OR.

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