Lisa Springer | (She/Her)

Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor Reiki Healer 

Currently accepting new clients

Lisa is a registered nurse and trauma informed yoga teacher that specializes in guiding people of all ages to develop a healthy relationship with themselves, their intuition and a healthy mindset.

Lisa uses modalities that teach mindful movement to release stress and how to connect back to the body and rediscover peace and clarity. Gentle guidance is used to regulate emotions, how to use the senses and yoga philosophy that helps gain new wisdom in whatever season of life you are in.

Lisa specializes in eating disorders , neurodivergence, anxiety and grief. She is gentle and uses a self paced practice to empower and cultivate safety back into the body. She loves reiki, restorative yoga and yoga nidra. Each person is directed back to their self worth and innate wisdom.

Rates & Insurance


Private Yoga Sessions:

  • Intake Session 90 mins: $125
  • Follow-Up Sessions 60 mins: $75

Reiki Healing Sessions:

  • Intake Session 90 mins: $255
  • Follow-Up Sessions 60 mins: $155

Accessible Trauma-Informed Yoga Class 

  •  $25 per class
  • Every Wednesday, 4pm-5pm 

Welcome to an inclusive space to find support, belonging, and accessible ways to gently calm the mind and release tension from the body. Although this is a trauma-informed yoga class, we will specifically explore how to free what our bodies have held to protect us. Each person is valued, seen, and belongs. Mindful, somatic movement and breathing will be introduced, and compassionate self care will be taught.

Benefits include improved flexibility, digestion, sense of wellbeing, sleep, and sense of purpose. This class is a place to build community in a supported and calm environment without judgment. Classes are neurodivergent-aware.

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