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    Our studio offers online & face to face private yoga classes

    Yoga & Mindfulness For Children (All Ages)

    Yoga & Mindfulness

    Live Zoom Online Private Class – 5 Session Package

    (Customized to your Child’s Needs)

    About Class

    This class incorporates a variety of Yoga and mindfulness techniques including movement, breath work, grounding exercises and guided meditation techniques for reducing Stress & Anxiety, and achieving deep relaxation & inner calm – physically, emotionally and mentally

    About Instructor

    Harini Sukumaran is a licensed child psychotherapist certified Imagination yoga teacher for children trained in calmness, kindness and concentration curriculum for children. She has additional certification in Ashtanga yoga from Asana Andiyapppan college of yoga and research Centre, India. In the class Children will learn Mudras, Kriyas, Asanas and relaxation techniques tailored specifically to the child’s needs and age.

    Your Child will learn to

    • Regulate anxiety
    • Improve focus and attention
    • Help manage ADHD and ADD
    • Regulate sleep
    • Improve performance and memory
    • Self-emotional regulation and cope with stress

    Issues Addressed

    • ADHD
    • Improve Memory and Concentration
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Stress relief
    • Test Anxiety
    • Kindness
    • Body flexibility and core strength
    • Mindful awareness


    5 Session Package – 50 mins per session – $615


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    Want to teach a class in our studio?

    We are currently seeking teachers experienced in yoga, mediation, and movement styles for kids, adults, perinatal & postpartum classes.

    Email Harini, Clinical Director your resume to apply – [email protected]