Yoga & Mindfulness for Children

Yoga & Mindfulness for Children

Mother and child yoga practice on the background of the Indian symbol of OM. Beautiful young mother with little daughter doing yoga. Sports family.

Yoga and mindfulness meditation can help children improve concentration, improve awareness in the present moment and increase body flexibility. Yoga supports the physical, emotional and spiritual wellness of the child. Children will gain a healthy immune system, mind relaxation, increased self-confidence, academic excellences and muscle tension release.

Harini Sukumaran is a certified Imagination yoga teacher for children trained in calmness, kindness and concentration curriculum for children. She has additional certification in Ashtanga yoga from Asana Andiyapppan college of yoga and research Centre, India. At MindTree, Children will learn mudras, Kriyas, Asanas and relaxation techniques tailored specific to the child’s need and age. Psychotherapy can be combined with yoga services, by having a structured session (20 mins of yoga and 30mins of counseling), focusing primarily on counseling with bits of yoga and mindfulness meditation techniques. MindTree also offers an Individualized private yoga session and group classes , focusing on a particular  need or curriculum  outside of the context of counseling.

Issues Addressed

  • ADHD
  • Improve Memory and Concentration
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress relief
  • Test Anxiety
  • Kindness
  • Body flexibility and core strength
  • Mindful awareness