Tamar Kaplan, LCSW

Tamar Kaplan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has integrated training and teaching opportunities into her career for the past decade. 

Tamar enjoys teaching new skills to her therapy clients. She has led and facilitated skills groups for adults including:  

  • CBT for Anxiety 
  • DBT skills 
  • How to Support Children through the COVID-19 Pandemic  

She has also led workshops and skills groups for children including: 

  • Coping with Parental Divorce
  • Emotion Regulation Skills for Children and Teens. 

Tamar also enjoys training fellow professionals on how to support people struggling with their mental health. Workshops she has facilitated include: 

  • Motivational Interviewing (MI) Skills. 

Tamar is also passionate about teaching the next generation of behavioral health professionals and has been a faculty associate in both undergraduate and graduate social work programs. Topics she’s taught include: 

  • Introduction to Social Work 
  • Ethics in Social Services 
  • Advanced Social Work Practice and Behavioral Health Services 
  • Developing Professional Opportunities within the Social Work Field

Tamar identifies as a lifelong learner and enjoys encouraging ongoing learning in others as well. She strongly believes that it’s never too late to learn something new, especially when it comes to our own personal or professional growth, and loves seeing people implement the new tools and skills that they’ve learned.