Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching

“Whatever you do every day is stronger medicine than whatever medicine you take occasionally”

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is one of the ancient Alternative systems of health Care. It was established 5000 years ago and has been in continual practice ever since in India.  Ayurveda is recognized as the forefather of all forms of eastern medicine and one of the principle healing disciplines by the World Health Organization.

The word Ayurveda literally means “Science of Life”. “Ayur” being Sanskrit word for life and “Veda” for knowledge. As the name suggests, Ayurveda is a body of knowledge. Ayurveda not only eradicates the symptoms, but also the root cause of the ailment. In addition, Ayurveda also creates a balance within body and soul that acts an effective defense against illness.


During an Ayurvedic Consultation, we do the following the assessment

  • Your Ayurvedic Mind – Body type assessment
  • Current health history assessment
  • Pulse Diagnosis
  • Food recommendations based on Ayurvedic Mind Body type
  • A daily Ayurvedic lifestyle plan ( Dinacharya)
  • Seasonal Regimen based on body type ( Ritucharya)
  • Home remedies recommendations
  • Exercise, Yoga and Meditation.

How can Ayurveda compliment psychotherapy?

  • Ayurveda, in its true sense is holistic in nature since it treats all aspects of life including the body, mind, soul and spirit. Psychotherapy can be used in conjunction with Ayurveda, by eradicating what an individual is suffering in the present and treat him/her’s mind – body imbalance based on his or her identified body constitution.

Harini has a bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine from Dr.MGR Medical University, India, trained for a period of six and a half years including one-year internship in a geriatric inpatient hospital and outpatient pediatric clinic settings. She had additional certification in Kerala panchakarma for a year from KAL Ayurvedic Hospital Aluva, India. Her passion for holistic health motivated her pursue certification in Energy medicine like Reiki and Chakra healing meditation.