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    At MindTree we believe in the philosophy of mind-body integration. We work collaboratively with like-minded professionals offering holistic integrative care to the community. We are currently seeking independent providers who are passionate about Mind and Body Wellness to join our team of Holistic Wellness Practitioners.

    Why Work for MindTree?

    Join Our Team - Collaborative Treatment

    Collaborative Treatment

    We are a mind/body center that treats the person as a whole by integrating the healing of mind and body. Our supportive team of professionals offer collaborative integrative healthcare treatments to children, adults and families

    Focus on Healthy Work-Life Balance

    Focus on Healthy Work-Life Balance

    Our practitioners have a flexible schedule that lets them choose their schedule and maintain a healthy work/life balance. MindTree is your home away from home! We strive to help you feel supported and have fun while you work!

    Administrative Support

    Administrative Support

    Our providers take care of our clients in a supportive setting. Mindtree takes care of the rest! We Provide Insurance billing & Paneling, EHR, Furnished Office Space, Scheduling/ Rescheduling appointments, Social Media Marketing, & Networking. We also offer a group therapy room & yoga/ movement studio.

    The benefits of joining MindTree!

    Join MindTree

    We believe our practitioners should spent 100% of their time focused on patients. This is a 1099 independent contractor position that offers the utmost flexibility to our practitioners. MindTree provides the following services to keep the focus on patients and less on paperwork.

    • Client referrals based on your needs.
    • Flexibility to work both in-office & remote
    • Calendar Management
    • Marketing Material & Support
    • Fully Furnished ADA accessible office space (including Yoga & Meditation Studio, Group Therapy Room, and waiting room)
    • Insurance Paneling (Aetna, Pacific source, MODA, BCBS)
    • Training towards becoming a Certified Integrative Reiki healer
    • Medical Billing (i.e. Benefits verification, submit claims, claim reimbursement, invoicing, credit card processing)`
    • Available On-Site Cafeteria & Parking Lot
    • Inclusive Electronic Health Record with HIPAA compliant telehealth platform.
    • Available On-Site Cafeteria & Parking Lot
    • Inclusive Electronic Health Record with HIPAA compliant telehealth platform.
    • Available On-Site Cafeteria & Parking Lot
    • Inclusive Electronic Health Record with HIPAA compliant telehealth platform.
    • COVID Safety Protocols for In-Person visits
    • Monthly Incentive Bonuses
    • Flexible work hours & schedule with no expectation of working outside set hours.
    • Monthly Team Meetings & Group Case Consultation
    • Industry Leading Compensation and MORE!

    Our Core Values


    Our guiding philosophy is that the mind and body do not operate separately, but rather interdependently. We believe our patients can experience higher well-being when we treat both their mental and physical health issues.


    The uniqueness of every individual deserves a thoughtful and customized treatment plan. Our diverse staff provides unique perspectives to the cultural, racial, spiritual, and social needs of our patients.


    We foster a love of acquiring knowledge and seeking growth for each of our members. MindTree practitioners specialize in a wide variety of treatment disciplines and participate in ongoing education in neighboring practices.


    Contribute to the emotional well being of the community through awareness, education, speaking engagements and financial contributions. Leverage & collaborate with our medical community for a smooth patient experience and inclusive treatment plan.

    Who is an ideal MindTree candidate?

    MindTree Candidates

    Independent, driven & positive-minded

    Committed to inclusive religious, racial, & LGBTQ+ ethical practices

    Therapists with a defined “niche”

    (i.e. Trauma, EMDR, Somatic Therapy, Hakomi, DBT, Yoga, Dance/Movement Therapy, Art Therapy, Mindfulness etc.)

    Enjoys working in a Group Practice with Collaborative Healthcare

    Loves the autonomy to work when you want to work!

    Desire to learn, improve and expand skills

    Our Mission

    At MindTree, we believe that an individual gains greater physical health and mental wellbeing when treated under the philosophy that mind and body do not operate separately, rather interdependently.

    Everyone deserves an individualized, thoughtful and customized treatment plan based on the unique needs of the individual, child, couple and family systems.

    Our Vision

    At MindTree we hope to share the belief that your overall health includes physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. Instead of a single methodology, we provide collaborative health care to your mind, body and soul as an overall healing philosophy.

    A multi-disciplinary approach is implemented, which incorporates treatments including, but not limited to, counseling, yoga, energy healing, Ayurveda, lifestyle alterations, and nutrition to provide sustainable and comprehensive healing.

    Keeping staff and patients safe from COVID 19

    At MindTree, we take our responsibility to prevent the spread of COVID19 very seriously. In order to keep all of our patients, providers, and all of our loved ones as healthy as possible, we are currently implimenting the following safety protocols for any in-person visits.

    1. Pre-Screening Questions will be Asked
      • No clients or staff who have exhibited symptoms or are part of a household where a member has exhibited symptoms will be permitted.
    2. Staff & Patients Must Wear Masks
      • Disposible masks available upon entry
      • Reusable masks available by pre-order.
    3. Hand Sanitizer is a Priority
      • Hand sanitizer required upon entry
      • Hand sanitizer available in every office
    4. Contact Surface Cleaning after Appointments
    5. Entire Building ensures double air filtration.
      • HEPA Air Filtration with MERV 13 Filters
    6. Temperature Checks are Required
    1. Deep Cleaning Every Evening
      • Special Attention paid to door handles and high touch areas.
      • Common use toys, fidgets, & books replaced with Play Therapy Kits.
    2. Operating with Limited Capacity
      • Social Distancing in place.
      • One parent may accompany a child.
    3. No Handshakes or Hugs
    4. Waiting Room & Beverage Station Temporarily Closed
      • Please wait in your car until 5 minutes prior to your appointment.
    5. Telehealth & Online Yoga Classes Always Available upon Request.