• Gender Affirming Care

    MindTree cultivates a gender-affirming approach to members of the trans+ community so they can safely explore their identities, clarify their goals, have support to facilitate their access to gender-affirming treatments, strengthen their ability to cope with the challenges they may face during their medical and social transitions, heal from rejection and internalized stigma, and live happily and proudly as their authentic selves.

    We provide:

    • Culturally competent and trauma-informed therapy.
    • Assessments and letters of support for gender-affirming surgeries.
    • Family counseling for spouses and parents who are in their process of transition on how to integrate their partners, children and other family members and communities.
    • Psychoeducation for parents and caregivers of gender expansive youth to help them navigate the process, make informed decisions, validate emotions, and support and celebrate their children.

    Monica Fuentes Carbonetto, LPC

    Independent Practitioner
    Licensed Professional Counselor

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