Yoga, Relaxation Exercises and Mindfulness Meditation Classes

Would you like your child to feel more calm, positive, energized and focused?

These simple and enjoyable Mindfulness Meditation & Relaxation classes could be just what your child needs to be more relaxed, focused and content.

Classes are relaxing and enjoyable and designed to equip your child with new skills and techniques that can be practiced at home, and call in to action to support your child anytime, anywhere.

About these Mindfulness Meditation & Relaxation Classes

These specially designed and practical classes incorporate a variety of proven techniques for reducing Stress & Anxiety, and achieving deep relaxation & inner calm – physically, emotionally and mentally.

  • Mindfulness techniques to learn to quieten the mind, increase attention/focus and stay in the present moment
  • Simple and Effective Meditations connect to true or authentic self and achieve deep stillness, and peace
  • Relaxation Exercises & Better Breathing techniques will help to reduce stress & anxiety and let go of tension
  • Enjoyable Guided Visualizations take your child to a visual journey to a peaceful calming place or situation

Your Instructor

Classes are led by Harini Sukumaran. Harini is a Child Mental Health Clinician & Play therapist, in addition to teaching Meditation, Mindfulness & Relaxation to Children and families. Harini has accredited training in the Stress Response & Relaxation Management and the Therapeutic Use of Mindfulness, in addition to certified instructor training in Imagination yoga for children.


Please email Harini Sukumaran at or call 503 766 495. Limited Spots available.