Rosen Method Movement Class

Jane Malek teaching Rosen Movement. Used with permission. DVD available at


  • Relaxes muscle tension and chronic holding
  • Increases flexibility and vitality
  • Deepens physical and emotional awareness
  • Invites personal growth
  • Complements other therapeutic modes and psychospiritual disciplines
  • Bodywork and Movement complement each other but can also be done independently

A Movement Class has five segments, is good for people of all ages and has a great variety of music. Participants notice an improvement in alignment, flexibility, balance, coordination and strength. A sense of wholeness, joy and new vitality are some of the other benefits. I encourage participants to listen to their own bodies, moving to their own range-of-motion and ability.


  • Lubricating the joints by moving all muscles through mid-range of motion
  • Loosening the diaphragm
  • Opening the chest which allows oxygen to circulate more easily in the body


  • Exploring end-range so muscles have their full length for contraction
  • Inviting relaxation
  • Heightening awareness of the inner and outer body


  • Holding hands facilitates ease of movement, support and connection to others
  • Stepping, swinging and turning

Across the floor

  • Dance-like or more playful movements
  • Moving through the space easily – in single file or with a partner

On the Floor

  • Integrating the effects of the movements
  • Listening more deeply to the body

We may also do partner work during any of the first four segments. Moving in relationship with another with sensitivity to and awareness of mutual boundaries helps with awareness, trust and safety.

Each Rosen Method Movement class is approximately one hour. Please arrive early …NO SHOES ALLOWED INSIDE THE MOVEMENT STUDIO. Class size is limited and reservations are required. The first class is $5.00 and then the next five classes are sold as a pre-paid package for $75.00.

MONDAYS AT 11:00 am and 4:00 pm

Teri Jaeger
Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner and Movement Teacher
Oregon LMT #22157