Rosen Method Body Work

Teri Jaeger

Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner and Movement Teacher
Oregon LMT #22157

My interest in bodywork began after a car accident in 2004. The physical therapists I met used a variety of hands-on techniques. This type of manual work was very different from the physical therapy I received after a car accident in 1986. All of the physical therapy was helpful but when I was introduced to Rosen Method Bodywork in 2008 I found something that treated my whole self. After 3 Rosen Method Bodywork sessions I traveled to CA to meet Marion Rosen. Meeting Jane Malek and getting introduced to Rosen Method Movement was a bonus! I was immediately immersed in a life-changing process.

I studied Rosen Method with Marion and a variety of other teachers in several locations in California. I learned that Rosen Method teaches the practitioner to be a facilitator – or midwife – to the healing process. Having someone witness my transformation as the layers of held emotions and chronic muscle tensions were being released was a very powerful experience. The shifts that occurred on the table were reinforced during a movement class. And the movement classes prepared the body for the table work and at times continued the releases.

Marion Rosen (1914-2012)

Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement was developed out of Marion’s 50 years experience as a physical therapist and health instructor. Her unique approach has earned her recognition as leader and originator in the field of body oriented therapies.

In the 1930’s, Marion studied breath and relaxation in Munich, Germany, with Lucy Heyer. Lucy had been trained by Elsa Gindler, a renowned innovator of body therapies. Marion developed the Rosen Method over the course of many years in private practice. She was a keen observer of the whole person: body, mind and spirit.

At every training I attended with Marion Rosen (200 hours over a 4 year period) she quoted Paracelsus – “Inside every human being there exists a special heaven, whole and unbroken.” It is an honor and privilege to connect with myself and the client so that they can connect with their wholeness.

Jane Malek – Director of the Monterey Bay Rosen Method Center (

Jane supervised my Internships in Rosen Method Movement and Bodywork. She has been instrumental in helping me to be more present, to trust the process as it unfolds and to allow the unknown to be as it is. Jane is passing on what she has learned from Marion to numerous men and women in North America and Europe.