Nutritional Counseling

Alyssa Brin, MS, CN


(360) 524-9495

Do you struggle to make healthy food choices for yourself or your family?
Do you feel like you are always eating but never satisfied?
Do you find that you know a lot about “what to eat,” but aren’t sure how to prepare healthy meals or can’t find the time to make healthy eating choices fit into your busy schedule?

Are you constantly exhausted?
Do you need coffee first thing in the morning just to wake up?
Do you need more caffeine in the afternoon to get through the day?
Do you struggle with mood fluctuations or anxiety on a regular basis?

Do you suffer from digestive problems?
Do you feel bloated after each meal?
Do you have sensitivities to certain foods, but even after removing them you don’t feel better?
Are you at a loss for what you can eat after results from food sensitivity testing reveal that your favorite foods are causing you trouble?
Are you looking for ways you can manage the symptoms of an autoimmune disorder, or perhaps seeking support to try out a challenging diet such as the “autoimmune protocol” ?

Would you describe your child as a “picky eater?”
Does your child have poor attention or chronic behavioral problems at school or at home?
Do you struggle with getting your child to “eat healthy” at mealtime, resulting in arguing or persuasion instead of bonding at the dinner table?

Are you pregnant and unsure of what to eat for the health of yourself and baby?
Have you received mixed messages from healthcare providers about which foods to eat and how much to eat during pregnancy?
Are you a breastfeeding Mama struggling to make sure you are well-fed amidst the demands of caring for a newborn?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you can benefit from nutrition counseling services!

I strongly believe that a healthy diet is an essential component of achieving and maintaining wellness. I offer nutrition counseling as an additional service option for those already engaged in mental health care services at MindTree Holistic Counseling either with myself or another practitioner, as well as stand-alone nutrition counseling services for patients new to the clinic. I am passionate about the connection between food and mood. I also enjoy working with pregnant and nursing mothers, and with individuals struggling with digestive health issues, food sensitivities, autoimmune disorders, and those looking to improve their overall wellness through food choices. I specialize in helping people make health behavior changes, and I work with individuals and with families that may be dealing with mood or behavioral concerns, power struggles over eating, or any of the conditions mentioned above.

I earned a dual Master of Science degree from Bastyr University in Nutrition and Clinical Health Psychology. My previous experience with counseling and therapy has been in the state of WA, and I currently have an application for LPC registered intern pending with the OR Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists. I am a Certified Nutritionist in WA and practice as a Masters-level nutritionist in OR.

To schedule an appointment, please contact me at:


Please note this email address is not encrypted for protection of your private health information; use your discretion about what you would like to share when contacting me this way. Communication via email is for appointment scheduling and requests only and will not be used by me to answer questions pertaining to your specific mental health or nutrition concerns.

Call: (360) 524-9495



Nutrition counseling intake appointment (required for new patients) – 80 min.​​$115
Nutrition counseling follow-up appointment – 50 min.​​​​​$80
Nutrition counseling brief follow-up appointment – 30 min.​​​​$50

Please note: The first follow-up session after an intake appointment will be a full 50-min appt. We will determine together during this session which length of future follow-up appts will be most appropriate for your individualized treatment plan. Many clients need a combination of longer and shorter appointments for their best success. Some individuals may find they appreciate regular brief check-ins during maintenance periods in order tocontinue progress and success with previously attained goals because of the accountability I provide.

I offer a sliding fee scale based on financial hardship, with a limited number of reduced fee appointments available. For more details, please contact me directly by phone: (360) 524-9495 or email:

I accept cash, credit card, and checks as form of payment. Payment is due at the beginning of each appointment. Please note that you will be charged your appointment fee for any cancellations made with less than 24-hours notice.

I offer free 15-minute phone consultations for general inquiries and acquaintance in order to get a sense of whether or not I will be an appropriate fit for your needs. Assessment, diagnosis, or dispensing specific mental health or nutrition advice will not take place during this call. Please schedule an appointment if you would like to discuss in depth your unique concerns.