EDGU (edge-you) is Evolutionary Spinal Maintenance. Grounded in an open, stable stance that specifically isolates all motion to the spine, the upper body is gracefully gyrated through a fluid sequence of pivotal movements. This art of rhythmic spinal tuning systematically exercises the intervertebral disks to avoid disk degeneration by maintaining their inherent strength, pliability and absorbency. EDGU balances the left and right hemispheres of the body/brain, releases mal-aligned vertebrae, and liberates compensation patterns held in the body. EDGU creates a “wholly” experience, blending body movement with spiritual invocation.
Is EDGU right for you? Most likely! Please join us and see for yourself. EDGU can be done at any age and ability level, and is adaptable to meet your individual needs. EDGU has been shown to relieve chronic back pain, strengthen the whole body, ease and calm the mind, and improve overall health and well-being. Happy spines contribute to happy minds.

About Instructor – Classes are led by Amy Baker. Amy is a licensed individual and family therapist serving adults, children and teens. Amy discovered EDGU in 1999 and experienced great physical benefits practicing even just a little bit, once in a while. Through continued practice over the years, she grew to appreciate more and more the unique and gentle nature of EDGU, which is delightfully different than any other yoga or mind/body exercise type class. Once the basics are learned, EDGU can be completed in about 30 minutes, making it practical to integrate into a busy lifestyle.

Dates – Fridays at noon
Rates – $20 per class
Contact info for registration – Please email Amy Baker at portlandtherapyservices@gmail.com or call 503-897-0411.