Therapy for Men

Seeking counseling services as a man can be intimidating given some of the dominant cultural stereotypes encouraging men to be strong by not showing emotion or discussing their feelings. However, counseling can offer support for men that is non-judgmental and beneficial for navigating through difficulties in life where extra help is a smart move.

Being a man may mean navigating expectations and pressures to provide and may not ensure a safe space in which fears, anxieties or other concerns may be freely expressed. It may include managing stressful situations at work and at home with the fear that disclosure of these struggles to those close to you may cause you to appear weak. MindTree is here to support you in a positive and respectful way to work with you in realizing your hopes and goals.

Men’s issues addressed include:

-Trauma and PTSD
-Childhood abuse
-Sexual abuse
-Sleep problems
-Relationship difficulties
-Stress management
-Sexual difficulties
-Parenting support
-Social isolation
-Feeling “stuck” or unable to achieve life goals
-Racism or difficulties with social institutions
-Multicultural training and support