Cosmoenergy is a method of energy work that can heal by clearing and restoring energy. Any physical or emotional pain, any difficulties in life are caused either by barriers in the way of natural energy flow or by insufficiency of energy. Cosmoenergy both clears (removes the barriers) and fills gaps with healing energy that comes from a pure source. Every person receives exactly the amount of energy needed.

Cosmoenergy can be used for clearing and healing anything: physical and mental health issues, blockages in your life path and more. It can also be used to add energy lacking for achieving your goals or intentions.

This energy source not only helps cure physical illnesses, but also helps to improve your mental and spiritual well-being and create the life you want.

Appointments are 30 minutes.

Fee is 50 $.

Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted.

During a session, the client is standing with eyes closed while the cosmoenergy healer either stands beside the client, or moves around working with the energy of one or several channels. Different experiences such as physical sensations, emotions, and images can come up during the process. The client and the healer can discuss what is happening for each of them and adjust the process accordingly. The client is not just a recipient of treatment; the client is an active participant in a collaborative process with the healer. At the end, the client and the healer discuss the work done and plan what to do next.


Having been trained and having practiced cosmoenergy since 2013, Tatiana Morris has reached the magister level in cosmoenergy, which is the most powerful level attained as a cosmoenergy practitioner.

Tatiana Morris, Cosmoenergy Magister

Languages: English, Russian, Spanish, French


Call: 503.927.0229