Darlene Sochin MS, RMT

Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Access Bars Practitioner

My present career as an Energy Healer and Life Support Mentor started long ago. I’ve always known I wanted to create fun, loving, experiences for children. I was a classroom teacher for over 25 years and received a Master’s Degree in Parenting Education in 1999. Being with families as a kind and compassionate resource fed my soul. Yet, it was not until I was diagnosed with cancer in 2005 that I found holistic approaches to working with families in a deeper and more expansive way. So, I started my own energy healing practice for clients in 2008 right here in Portland, Oregon.

Healing from cancer opened up a completely new area of possibilities in which I could offer support to children and their parents. The journey led me to Reiki, meditation, and my personal intuitive gifts that give children of any age (0-100; even babies in utero!) a chance to receive gentle, unconditional, heavenly emotional assistance and physical relief that have brought ease with symptoms from anxiety, depression, shyness, pain, grief, and chronic illness.

Sessions I have created include Reiki healings, Access Bars, Reiki Training, and Intuition Coaching (for people interested in developing their own unique healing capacities). The intention behind everything I offer is to provide and empower each individual with the tools he or she requires in order to access that inner ability to connect with True Self, Source, and Love.

Those who find my services most valuable and effective are searching for relief and support with anxiety, stress, addiction, and lack of desire to living their present life as is. Because I was an early childhood educator, most people recognize and enjoy my playful and friendly, light-hearted approach to healing and look forward to all of the possibilities each session provides. I offer in-office and mobile sessions and private Reiki Training.

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